Building a website for non-technical people

Building a website for non-technical people

At the start of the year, I started coding for fun.

I was running through W3 Schools, CodeAcademy’s, attending a few coding like CodeBar and trying to avoid allll bootcamps. I found Treehouse and YouTube to be the most helpful, but only after I had gone through the motions and played with the frontend code.

I’m one of them guys that likes to get a deep understanding things so I found myself reading about the history of the Internet and the work companies like Netscape, Mozilla and the first use cases of the web.

I met a small group of mandem and we created a tiny whatsapp group and we did monthly meet ups for accountability and to share progress and help each other in areas where we struggled.

If I’m honest, I went on a personal journey because I remember my good friend Tayo telling me that Wordpress does most things - I know he was wondering why I would waste my time learning these things and he’s got amazing experience as a Freelancer, working with Agencies and has a knack for design.

But today, I feel like it has made me appreciate the different components better,  despite the fact that there are so many verticals that are solves by different services.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s sits underneath a webpage, here it is: