How useful advice is getting spread in the fight against The Virus

One thing that has interested me recently is how people create ideas that spread.

Realistically your audeince will find you in two ways:

1. Organically
2. Paid ads

With a lot of time at home at the moment, I find it super interesting to explore the different techniques that the government are using and the effect its having on people.

From a brand perspective, I’ve seen a few marketing techniques in play, and I can easily draw out some techniques used in the playbook of Contagious (RIP Nip), I’ve definitely seen Triggers, Emotion, Practical Value in progress.


When we saw that China & Italy were on the ropes, we were definitely preeing our Government to see how it would move. From Boris moving like we were overreacting initially 😒, to "we need to develop Herd immunity" to you're kinda on lockdown. You can definitely see why we needed something that would send the message home.

But the one that definitely got us taking action was save the NHS, our beloved NHS.

Arguably, the Tories never put much focus on NHS before this. But what message rings louder than saving our beloved NHS!

When we care, we share and I can't lie. Since that rhetoric came about, you definitely start to think about more than yourself anytime you step out.


This ones easy.

The thing that made me laugh the most, is that everybody knows how to talk rationally on social platforms, but in real life people are ready to barge past pensioners for the last toilet roll.

But the thing that calmed us most in the UK was “saving our beloved NHS”.

The message:

Seriously, its simple messages like this that all of society can get behind , and daily triggers that make us think twice about even opening the front door.

Social Currency

Regardless of lack of self awareness, marketers know that people want to share things that make them look smart, rich or cool. In this example, Revolut sent an email to its customers, IMO this is a poor attempt because it has no practical value. But a case study nonetheless of a Founder trying to sound rich ($500 million) and smart (ability to deliver transformative services).



Whilst there are various ways to get a message out, there is no disputing the fact that some techniques are more effective than others. As I sit in my living room wondering when this shit will end, I can’t help but take notes on the techniques being used and how effective some of them are.

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